A dozen NFT crypdonuts in collectible drops. Can you get your hands on one?

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The world's first crypdonut.

Deliciously collectible-grade NFT art ready for blockchain ownership. Really silly, real value. Yes really.

Cryptographically unique art

Each Drop'n Donut is individually numbered, graded, and guaranteed authentic.

NFT (non-fungible token)

You guessed it! Our donuts are minted on the blockchain, using an NFT with ERC-721 tokens.

Collect, hold, and trade

Each 4K 60FPS donut is ready for instant purchase and to trade or sell in the future. It's your donut.


Series One

One dozen NFT donuts released exclusively on the blockchain. View and sort them here, or head over to our Rarible NFT Marketplace to buy.

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Series Two

New donut drops, right to your inbox. Sign up and we'll let you know before Drop'n Donuts hit the market. (And we'll never sell or share your info for non-donut matters).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT donut?
An NFT (non-fungible token) is a new way to share and document ownership. Our bakeshop uses the this technology to sell limited-edition digital donut collectibles.
How do I collect the donuts?
Each drop will happen on Rarible, our NFT Marketplace. You can visit our shop on Rarible or read their FAQs here.
When are new donuts dropped?
Keep an eye on this website, on our shop on Rarible, or on your favorite crypto news sources for information on upcoming drops.
How are the donuts made and minted?
Some currencies are powered by machine learning, but our unique donut technology is powered by munchine learning. It's totally different.
Is each donut unique?
Yes, every donut is completely cryptographically unique. Rendered in beautifully delicious 2160p 60FPS full-motion video, each donut collectible is gallery-ready.